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Inspired by the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, announcing the Zine Harder 2016 challenge!

Zine Harder is a challenge designed to get you reading & creating zines. As you know, zines can be about any topic under the sun and come in a wide variety of formats. It’s easy enough to find your favorite style and forget about the rest, but there’s a whole wide world of zines just waiting for you!

To participate, simply read a zine from each category. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, create your own zine from one or more of the categories!

You can find lists of recommendations from zine librarians (or submit your own!) on the Zine Harder wiki.

We hope you’ll share the zines you’re inspired to read and create throughout the year with the tag #zineharder on the social media site of your choosing. If you’d like to participate in distro discounts, submit a comment below with a link to an image of your completed checklist.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, get discounts at fabulous zine stores and distros! (After you upload your worksheet, we’ll give you the discount codes.)


Download the checklist version in pdf by clicking/right clicking on this image.


Download the one-page mini-zine version in pdf by clicking/right clicking on this image.

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