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Zine Clubs/Volunteers/Students/Outreach


-       What would a zine club encompass? What do you do with a club? Advice for getting started?


Madeleine has been working with a zine club at New Paltz. Can go hand in hand with starting a collection for the library. Input from creators and users.

-       Has a zine collective

-       Not seeking funding – separate from university

-       Write little grants, find other funding streams

-       Zine Collective has wish list spreadsheet with titles, how accessible – digitally?…

-       Between 3 and 9 members

-       Arc of energy over semester difficult

-       2 members now paid to do cataloging, etc.

-       Working out separateness/collaboration from library

-       Session member – extend out to community? To sustain over course of semester? M liked this idea.



-       has internal collective

-       staff library twice a month and come to 2 at least 2 meetings

-       plan events, fundraising

-       had initiated monthly zine talks – librarians shared about their interests/focus e.g. music zines, Papercut history… discontinued bc of move

-       make zine together

-       organizing Zinefest



-       likes idea of Zine Club but feels weird telling students to organize themselves

-       makes the offer but not always taken up (Madeleine did a workshop and lecture with Jenna F and Jacinda (?) and this generated excitement among students – she thinks that the two students who are cataloging are invested and engaged and may recruit others


Create a LibGuide?


Ways to connect people to the collection besides club?


Zine swaps – bring your one-pager, do swaps separately or as part of readings

24-hour zine thing?

-                Pop up zine library in community art space

-                Zine-making table available all the time

-                Table at zine fairs with zine-making stuff

-                Glue sticks, stencils, stickers, stamps, markers… magazines

-                Zine reading hangouts – bring parts of collection out to community e.g. queer zines, …

-                Academics – reaching out to student advocacy groups? Kelly – student health collaboration e.g. bring related zines to drag show, sexual violence awareness month

-                Pop up library at Kathleen Hanna docu

-                People can make a zine about anything anywhere – expands demographics

-                Papercut tabled at farmer’s market – people wrote favorite recipes made with csa contents

-       How do people access zines now?  – Tumblr promotion, some comic book shops and record stores, online distros, etsy, zine fests

-       Kelly M tells students where they can sell their zines – don’t just turn them in to their professor, share otherwise

-       Kelly W when invited by faculty to do outreach, sometimes no attendance, timing issue? No student buy in, how is it pitched?

-       Plug in terms of having a voice, authoring your experience

-       This is something you’re already doing, let’s add zines to the toolbox

-       Getting people in the door is the tricky part, not getting people to engage in a workshop

-       Explaining what the process will look like to reduce intimidation

-       Call it a pamphlet

-       Sex zines and sexual health zines are great for student health outreach

-       Consent zines are strong, too – another way to connect with students about something they may not want to talk about

-       Why read a zine about herpes vs going to student health center? – info literacy potential in talking about reading personal experience

-       Public health pamphlets for migrant workers might be considered zines, with comics

-       Anonymity of zines as opposed to blog, students respond to that


Zines as Social Media for Introverts!


Action Item -  Review Zine on Sexual Health Zines

Kelly M will be our fist pumper

Kimberly, Jude, Madeleine,  will work on this

we could bring sexual health educators into the conversation


Action Item 2 – post zine-making workshop outlines on wiki


Working with instructors on the issue of grading zines is really important! e.g. grading perzines?!  Make zine as first step to paper, as paper, or response to topic after paper-writing??