10 thoughts on “Code of ethics draft – Access

  1. I like the impartiality/neutrality part. I wonder about referring to “the reader” as “she.” Should we consider using “they” in any such instance, throughout the code?

    • We can. That can be up to the group. I used “she” mainly because something hits my ear wrong in using a nonspecific “they”, and I don’t like “he/she”. It’s a stylistic choice, and whatever the group decides is fine.

  2. I wonder if this section should get into open vs. closed stacks, explaining a little about different collections having different purposes? Or is that covered in the Use section? Where does preservation go?

    • Good questions! If the group wants, I can add language about open vs. closed stacks to make this point about considering the institutional mission a little clearer. As for preservation, hmmm..maybe that deserves its own section?

  3. Notes from ZL(u)C: I’ll work on tweaking this section and adding preservation. Also consider accessibility for people with disabilities.

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