ZLuC Olympia 2019

> ZLuC Olympia 2019

ZLuC Olympia was a one-day unconference (participant-driven conference) that conveniently occurred one day after the 5th annual Olympia Zine Fest weekend! Registration was FREE and open to all interested in the intersection of zines and libraries.

Date: Monday, October 28
Location: Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE (corner of 8th and Franklin)

10 am: meet for breakfast/coffee at King Solomon’s Reef, 212 4th Ave E (corner of 4th and Franklin)
11:00 am: reconvene in the Olympia Timberland Library meeting room, introductions
11:30 am: set the schedule for the day
11:45 am: tour of the Olympia Timberland Library zine collection with Aggie!
12:00 pm: first session
1:00 pm: second session
2:00 pm: break/lunch
2:30 pm: third session
3:30 pm: fourth session
4:30 pm: summaries, takeaways, action plans

Proposed Topics
Please add potential topics here (account required), or email Kelsey at hortensejones@gmail.com with your topic ideas! We will vote on topics on the day of the unconference unless we reach some sort of consensus on specific topics earlier and preparation is required for the topic facilitator.

  • What is a zine? discussion
  • Inclusion in zines
  • Activism with zines
  • Zine archives vs circulating zines: how and why
  • Lightning talks
  • Group Zine Librarian Zine session
  • Science zines (healthcare and hard sciences)
  • ZAPP/SPL talkin’
  • Zine Union Catalog
  • Teaching with zines
  • Zine Fests and Libraries, TLA
  • Zine collections succession planning- when your zine librarian and collection cheerleader moves on
  • Zine swap
  • How-to-Make-Zine workshops
  • Proposal for a zine panel/session from WA zine libraries at WLA 2020 (in Spokane!)
  • Stretching with Bruce, Olympia Timberland Library staff

ZLuC Notes- thank you to Dawn Stahura for taking notes! 


  • Kelsey Smith, Lacey Timberland Library
  • Agatha Burstein, Olympia Timberland Library
  • Lisa Oldoski, Pierce County Library System
  • Dawn Stahura, Salem State University
  • Sara Peté, Washington State Library
  • Kate Sellers, Seattle Public Library
  • Abby Bass, Seattle Public Library
  • Cindy Harkness, Seattle Public Library
  • Nicki Sabalu, Spark Central
  • Liza Harrell-Edge, the Evergreen State College
  • Katy Curtis, University of Puget Sound
  • Signy Svee, Olympia Zine Fest
  • Alex Iwasa, Long Haul Infoshop
  • Sage Adderley, Sweet Candy Distro
  • Courtney Klossner, Scribd