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ZLuC 2017 is happening at the Main Library of the Long Beach Public Library (101 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, California)

Google map image of location of Long Beach Public Library main branch

Driving Directions:

From Long Beach Airport: Go south on Lakewood Blvd. for roughly 2 miles until you reach the roundabout. Take the second exit onto CA 1. Turn left on Redondo Blvd. After a mile, turn right on E. 7th St. After a mile and a half, turn left on Alamitos. After half a mile, turn right on Ocean Blvd.

From LAX (note: try to avoid this drive during rush hour, as it can be quite long): Follow airport signs to I-105 S. Take the 105 S to the 405 S. for approximately 20 miles. Turn onto the 710 S. Exit Shoreline Blvd. and make a left onto Broadway. Turn right on Pacific. LBPL is on the corner of Pacific and Ocean.

Public Transit:

From Long Beach Airport: From the airport exit, walk east to Clark Street. Take the 112 bus south to Downtown. Get off at the end of the line (about an hour-long ride) and walk about 2 blocks west on 1st St., which ends at the library.

From LAX: The best public transit option from LAX to Long Beach is the Flyaway Bus. A one-way fare is $9.00, and the Long Beach stop is located 4 blocks east of LBPL. To get to LBPL from the Flyaway stop, walk west on 1st. St., which ends at the library. To buy a Flyaway Bus ticket, click here.

From the Metro Blue Line: This is the nearest train line to the conference location and the easiest way to get to and from downtown LA. From the station, walk west on 1st St. for 4 blocks until you hit the library.


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