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Simmons College Food Map

Thanks to the Boston Zine Fest crew for putting together this awesome map last year. Please note that the locations for events on this map are from last year’s Boston Zine Fest. ALL of the ZLuC events will be at Simmons College in the Beatley Library.

Recommendations of places to eat:

  1. Thaiation – 129 Jersey Street
  2. El Pelon Taqueria – 92 Peterborough Street
  3. Gryo City – 88 Peterborough Street
  4. Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes – 96 Peterborough Street
  5. Basso Japanese Brasserie – 1338 Boylston
  6. Pavement – 1334 Boylston (this is where our breakfast came from)
  7. Clover Food Lab truck – Blackfan St. (Longwood)
  8. Penguin Pizza – 735 Huntington Avenue (also has craft beer)
  9. Tasty Burger – 1301 Boylston Street
  10. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – Cafe G. 25 Evans Way. Next to Simmons College. Has upscale cafe. Tickets required for the museum, but not the cafe.