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Zine Librarian Mad Libs! : a #zlucOly comp zine


Zine Librarians (un)Conference – October 26th, 2015

Olympia, WA – Olympia Timberland Library

Notes submitted by Naomi


Zine Kits – Lisa from Pierce County Library shared their zine kits: these are boxes with about 25 zines pre-selected (so far they have a few with an arbitrary assortment and some with specific subjects such as DIY/Food or LGBTQIA). Also includes a short zine explaining what zines are, bookmarks, and literature explaining what they are for staff. Individual libraries can request these for an instant zine display and it includes a convenient little cardboard stand to display them with.

Zine Ignite Reviews – These were so fast and interesting I failed to take proper notes! Here are some zine titles I wrote down that drew my interest:

How it is                                              Excitement & Adventure

Roll Big & Go Home                         Always & Forever

Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty   Radical Self Love

Filling the Void                                  Cats Hate Cops

The Orgasm Zine                              Moths: Monsters or More

Low Risk                                             Up Rock

Cache Me if You Can


Zine Librarians Code of Ethics – This can be found at on the front page (posted September 30th, 2015). There is a yahoo mailing list for those that are interested in working on this.


What’s Goin’ On? Check-ins, each person gets 3 minutes:

Violet: ZAPP Seattle has 30,000 zines in storage @ SPL, but only library staff can access them due to Reasons. ZAPP needs new volunteers to help with the collection but also want to stay involved with the library community. There are events and programming still happening: @zappseattle on social media, email, website.

Kelsey: Asked for feedback regarding the Olympia Zine Fest. Here is an arbitrarily ordered list of feedback: It was great and had good timing, good that workshops were on a different day than tabling. The amount of tabling was good, but some were too tired from the tabling to go to workshops the next day. People who traveled from out of town might not stick around an extra day for workshops. There were a surprising amount of attendees for the first year, it was phenomenal! To encourage people to give feedback, maybe next year people could get a free raffle ticket when they turn in a feedback form. Nice to have choices for workshops, two at a time is good. The website had a nice venue page – maybe add a map. Add time, date, and location to the front page of website.

Kelly: Is teaching a class about zines to first year students, made the syllabus a zine. She is thinking about how to teach zines and what that means. Also trying to get biology students to make zines. Trying to start a collection at her school.

Joshua: Having cataloging issues. Has many large amounts of zines that don’t get catalogued. Will be posting a job at Michigan State University for cataloguing rare books and zines. Perhaps there could be an internship? Student workers? Twine cataloging game?


Union Catalog:

Milo: Twice a month phone meetings are happening to get a universal zine catalog. Has been working on this since the first ZLuC and is trying to get funding – it is quite difficult! Wants cataloguers/programmers/developers to be in the same room to work out logistics of how it will actually go together. Trying to get grants – was in the process of a big grant over $35,000, but not ready for that yet. They need money but would greatly benefit from more expertise, particularly with writing code and development.


Social Media:

  • Individuals started a twitter account on behalf of the library at MSU, but it has been taken away and centralized
  • QZAP does a queer zine of the day on tumblr and facebook with a link to the catalog.
  • Is twitter going out of style? Some feel that it may be, and Instagram is rising up in popularity. (I’m sure by the time anyone is reading this there will be a whole new regime of social media.)
  • We Make Zines still exists!
  • Advice: have your own URL that exists outside of a trending platform (it can even just redirect to social media), so you don’t have to worry about relevancy and starting anew on a new platform once one goes out of style.
  • Content managing software – Hootsuite is helpful. It is beneficial to have a team to streamline and keep consistency over social media.


Great job everyone! Thanks for coming and being awesome!

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