Make a Mini Zine

Presenter: Lou Marie from the land of the Nashua people, New Hampshire

Session Notes: 
Lou Marie lead the assembled group through folding a 1 pager using vegan directions and the line “squish in toward the center” for the trickiest languaging part.   The directions are brief and end at 4:44.  Lou Marie puts on a record while everyone present is invited to create an original zine.  Lou Marie demonstrates the page layout on an unfolded sheet and Kassi backs her up.  Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon and the work session begin in earnest at 8:10.  Lou Marie shares her favorite song, “Conversation,” at 14:55.  About 11 people are on camera, mostly working on their zines in a together quiet until moderator Stephanie states at 21 that now is a good stopping point as the QZAP atour is about to begin.  At 22:56 Chris opens the QZAP visit.