Australian Zinester Readings

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Mia Nie, Bailey Sharp, Tegan Webb 
UTC – 3:00

Resources from Presenters:
Tegan’s zines available through Small Zine Volcano distro or Etsy 
Mia’s Twitter, Insta and Comics
“Lone Shadow” comic and companion essay “You, Defeated” 
Bailey’s Insta and works at Glom Press

Resources from Chat:
All three readers volunteer
at Sticky Institute
Other Worlds Zine Fair in Sydney (2020 online version) 

Session Notes: 
Tegan read the first four pages of their contribution to April 7th, 2020 zine. It was about getting back into heavy metal which you used to listen to, but felt like you grew out of, specifically Lacuna Coil. Is one responding to nostalgia when you enjoy it or do you actually like this music once again? She tries an experiment to listenTrying it back out with a heavy metal radio show hosted by a woman on ____ (radio station)

Mia read Lone Shadow, a comic about Sekiro, a video game where you play a one armed ninja who through death and rebirth becomes honed into an “untouchable killing machine”. She related the game to transitioning, and touched on phenomenology, creating the self, and the possibility of transitioning as an exploration and play with ways of being in the world. What kind of life do I want to live with others? 

Bailey read “The Big Report” a comic about zoomers, and their future reactions to environmental catastrophe, about living in the end and how new children come into the world nihilistic. In it even the apocalypse disappoints in the end when the world is saved. But when those nihilistic children inevitably have children of their own, and they see how sloppy those children become, the zoomers then in turn destroy the world for their own children because that is the “decent thing to do–as we all do”.