Wanna host the next Zine Librarian (un)Conference?

Interested in hosting the next ZL(u)C* in 2014? The Deciderer Committee needs some more information to do the decidering. Although all of these areas are important, be aware that inexpensive housing, easy access from other cities, and collaboration are among our top priorities.

Please answer the following questions (below the fold) and email your answers to kellymce@gmail.com by January 30, February 9, 2014. We hope to announce the next host by mid-February.

*The  Zine Librarian (un)Conference. You can see the proceedings of previous ZL(u)Cs here.

SO, you want to host the next ZL(u)C in 2014? Awesome!!!  The ZL(u)C Deciderer Committee needs some more info before we can proceed with our deciding duties. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  Remember, your answers can change THE FUTURE!

Basic Info

1) Your name and email address

2) The city which you represent

3) The number of co-­organizers you have (or think you might have) working on this

Venue Info

4) The place you think could host a 2 day unconference

5) Does it have:  (check + discuss all that apply)

  • Large meeting room
  • 2-3 smaller “break out” rooms for simultaneous discussions
  • White boards
  • Publicly accessible WiFi
  • Digital projector to attach a laptop to
  • Able to bring food and coffee in

6) Is it (check + discuss all that apply)

  • differently­-abled accessable
  • close to public transit
  • walk­able
  • near restaurants, cafes, markets, etc.
  • near green spaces (a park, maybe?)

Housing + City Info

7)  What are the options for affordable ($20­50/night) housing (check + discuss all that apply)

  • Hotel w/conference rate
  • Hostel
  • Dormitories
  • Home stays (with or without pets)

8) How close is the housing to the venue?

9) Is there mass transit?  If so, what is the average cost per trip?

10) How accessible is the housing from major transportation hubs (Airport, Train, Bus stations) and what is the average cost of getting from the hubs to housing and/or venue.

After Five City Info

11) Are there places to gather after the (un)Conference to socialize that are close to venue and/or housing?

12) Are there places that (check all… you know the rest)

  • have good beer selections
  • have good cocktails
  • have yummy food
  • have vegan
  • have vegetarian options(LactoOvo)
  • can seat 10­-15 fairly easily without notice?

13) Museums, Shows, Galleries?  Other cultural things to do?

14) This probably should  be under “venue”, but does the hosting institution have a zine collection? Can ZL(u)C attendees get a tour?  Also to think about:  Are there any service projects that a bunch of zine librarians can help with in regard to said collection?

Thanks for answering these questions!  The Deciderer Committee will compare your answers to those of other potential ZL(u)C hosts and let everyone know soon where then next ZL(u)C will be.

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