Zine Events Planning

General Considerations

  • where to position/organize zinesters
    • how to be fair to people’s preferences while being inclusive
    • how to organize zinesters/assigning space
    • Choose your own price system (sliding scale); tiered pricing
    • assigned or selected by zinesters?
  • getting folks to arrive on time
  • accessibility
  • quiet space
  • community standards statement/code of conduct
  • disconnect between ideology and issues
  • staff/volunteers easily identifiable
  • training organizers in conflict mediation

Social Media Presence

  • accountability and mediation
  • censoring negative/toxic posts?

How to maintain anti-oppressive space at events

  • -safer space for POC
  • -dealing with disruptions

Potential for tokenization when trying to recruit/assemble planning crew

  • partnering with other groups and reaching out to other collectives
  • raising funds to pay volunteers/staff/collaborators for expertise

Photography policies

  • color coding nametags to opt out of photographs
  • when/how to ask attendees about their preferences
  • no photo zones
  • age appropriate photography policies
  • waiver forms
  • photo booths allow attendees more control over photography at event; enthusiastic consent!
  • folks taking pictures of merch, zines, etc without creator consent (how to manage this?)

Cool, extra things and programming ideas!

  • people tabling with different types of non-zine art and media
    • 75% zines policy
  • interactive activities
  • Zine week activities leading into zine fest
    • also events for kids (zine reading, etc)
    • post zine fest brunch
  • archive crawl/passport to encourage folks to visit local resources
    • accessibility/space restrictions
  • screenprinting posters, bags, etc (also free promo!)
  • Zine bingo!
  • madlibs

Zine Event Organizers Yahoo Group/Facebook group

Email Jenna to update if you think of more ideas!!!!