Tech Supporting Zine Library Infrastructure

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Tech Supporting Zine Library Infrastructure
Topic Overview: Conversation about managing digital assets and coordinating efforts. How to ask folks to support tech infrastructure. Current Projects/Assets: <ul> <li> wordpress site (repository for many things)</li> <li>Yahoo groups email list</li> <li>Github (for union catalog working group)</li> <li>Zine Wiki</li> <li>Etherpad</li> </ul> Some projects require funding (website domain, hosting, etc) Desire for more collaboration with updating tech infrastructure and contributing content to <ul> <li>Building out section for contributions, make website more collaborative (difficulties with access due to Wordpress format)</li> <li>Call for help/subgroup? Possible role for project assistants? <ul> <li>Email Violet to grant access</li> </ul> </li> </ul> Interest in session: <ul> <li>thinking about intellectual property; how can students populate zine wiki pages</li> <li>who and how resources are managed</li> <li>what are community/support needs?</li> <li>how to connect content generated in courses to the existing resources; what are tech questions/issues in zine librarian community</li> <li>how zine wiki is maintained/future development</li> <li>institutions/students are creating zines, how to connect to and utilize existing platforms?</li> </ul> <strong>Etherpad</strong> =&gt; <ul> <li>used by union catalog and zine wiki groups; stripped down text editor allowing for collaborative editing; tracks authorship (color coding); autosaves; also includes a chat function; IS NOT GOOGLE!</li> <li>Anyone can use by accessing link</li> </ul> <strong>Github</strong>=&gt; <ul> <li>open source dropbox; a repository that can store different kinds of file formats (good for code)</li> <li>ACTION: is there a way to create a group github (instead of having a personal account)? <strong>YES YOU CAN</strong></li> <li>create a generic email account to use? are there free plans?</li> <li>use for catalog exports <ul> <li>Public Dropbox as alternative for accessibility/functionality?</li> </ul> </li> </ul> Potential value of consolidating resources <strong>Zine Librarian Email List</strong>/Yahoo Group <ul> <li>also a place to put files! restricted group (email Jenna for access)</li> <li>ACTION: Review files in the Yahoo group, migrate to github/github alternative <ul> <li>are items in github searchable on the internet? YES</li> </ul> </li> <li>AOL just bought Yahoo; need to migrate more pressing maybe</li> <li>what are alternatives?</li> <li>ACTION: Can we host email lists at <ul> <li>need for something that does not create need for more administrative oversight</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <strong>Zine Wiki</strong> <ul> <li>need more administration and TLC <ul> <li>Contact Jenna at Barnard to gain access/admin</li> <li>individual libraries tracking/contributing to entries for zine wiki</li> </ul> </li> <li>union catalog group are working on more structure for zinewiki; additional metadata</li> <li>no standard for entries right now, template in development for infobox</li> <li>if you know somebody who is good with media wiki, we could use the expertise (not just zine folks) <ul> <li>wikipedia edit-a-thons as good way to recruit potential volunteers to help with wiki</li> </ul> </li> <li>can create collection notes (groundwork for union catalog)</li> </ul> &nbsp; <strong>Next Steps</strong> <ul> <li>Investigating alternatives to github</li> <li>Reviewing yahoo group materials; consolidate/migrate as needed</li> <li>Encourage folks who are adding content to zine wiki to also think about writing up a workflow</li> <li>Group hack session tomorrow during zine making</li> </ul>

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