Barefoot Librarians

Notes from Barefoot Librarians session at ZL(u)C 2016, Boston

The focus on this session was to discuss how barefoot libraries are organized, funded, recruit volunteers, and the like.

QZAP – Revolving interns at the beginning of every semester. Many are cataloging and design internships.

+Have them make mini ‘how-to’ zines so that the interns understand the whole process      from maker to cataloger.

+there are some benefits to becoming a nonprofit such as fundraising options and the        allowance for tax free donations.

+raise funds though merchandise, silk-screening t-shirts, ‘anti’-kickstarter campaign,          grants, and gifts such as the Que(er)y Librarians in NYC.

+’mofember’ read-a-thon (get paid to read zines and donate money back to QZAP)

+have lesbian songbooks, proto-zines.

+QZAP is a working archive, meaning you work and make things in the space.

+have an ephemera collection, a single-page flyer collection. Filing cabinets house zines    in alphabetical order by title.

+zines donated are kept in their original packaging with any letters, notes, stickers, etc      that came with the zine.

Interference Archive –  in Brooklyn. Collect posters, buttons, zines, ephemera since 2011. Is all volunteer-run. Is a 501c3.

+focusing on accessibility over preservation. Open stacks, can scan anything, no white    gloves needed for handling.

+do not collect anything unique.

+might try a capital campaign to raise funds. Make money from co-working spaces and      events. Class visits (ask for donations)

+exhibitions happen all the time. Artists produce publications = advertising.

+have a podcast called Audio Interference

Papercut Zine Library – collective, non-hierarchical. All volunteers. Have thought about becoming an LLC but has not really made any movements towards that yet. In it’s 11th year.

+would not want to merge with another institution or organization as it would compromise    what their zine library is all about.

+fundraising consists of DIY shows, punk shows, benefits, community workshops (with    after-school programs, public libraries, schools, museums). For these workshops they      ask for a donation. Roughly $100-$200 for an hour to three hours.

+life-time membership on a sliding scale of $2-12 which gives you borrowing privileges.      Also have merch for sale.

The Root Radical Lending Library – have volunteers and interns.

+has some issues in regards to raising funds as there is a conflict of interest.

+some zines circulate, some do not. All books circulate.

Some thoughts:

+How can the Progressive Librarians Guild be of assistance to these barefoot libraries?

+Thinking about Archives versus Library and what that means